Breaking Up Isn't Hard to Do (when it's your old jewellery!)

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We’ve all been there, things just aren’t working, they feel tired and old, you just really want a do over – fresh from the start…We can help – with your jewellery that is!  You don’t have to live with pieces you’ve out grown, are dated, or just aren’t your style.  You know, things like Aunt Tootie’s diamond cluster ring that screams 1977, or your yellow gold wedding set that you love, but wish was white gold.  Well, we can help you with that, by recycling all that gold, and even trading in diamonds and gemstones you have (that are free from damage, of course) towards your new piece of jewellery!  It’s one of our favourite things to do, and we’ve had some pretty happy customers who’ve used the credit they get from all that trade-in value towards getting a new piece of jewellery they can love now – or at least until a better design comes along.

Custom Designed Jewellery Vulcan Calgary AB Sarini Fine Jewellery

CAD render of a custom designed wedding set we designed using our customers gold and centre diamond. We also traded out the rest of the diamonds from the original set for the diamonds in the pave accent of the centre bands

With our amazing CAD program and trade-in incentives we can get you the jewellery design you’ve always dreamed of.  You’ll get to see a render of how your new jewellery item will look, making it truly collaborative.  Plus, we’ll also take on trade any broken gold bracelets, chains, earrings (or single earrings you lost the mate to), and anklets, and more you might have.  As long as they’re karat stamped and pass assay, you’ll get credit for all those pieces of jewellery languishing in the bottom of your jewellery box.  And, to answer that question you’re probably asking yourself right now, it doesn’t matter what color your old gold is.  If you want your new jewellery to be rose gold and all you have is yellow, don’t worry – it all has to be refined, so we start the alloy process from scratch and can make your gold any color you desire.  We can also trade all your gold in and upgrade to platinum too!Make an appointment today and see how we can refresh that outdated jewellery and get something you really love!  See – doesn’t that sound easy?  If only all breakups were as simple as this!

The finished product – a custom made right hand ring, made from diamonds our customer inherited. She also used 38 grams of old gold towards the cost of this ring.

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